Fashion does not dictate a single unified look, appropriate for the entirety of the female population. Preferences vary from femininity over androgynous looks, casual over ostentatious, monochrome over multicolour. However as far as curating a wardrobe is concerned, there are certain essential wardrobe staples for every woman. Included some basic yet unique styles that can be elegantly mixed and matched with a diverse range of clothing to create self-styled outfits. Read onto discover 5 wardrobe essentials from Leaves of Grass that are worthwhile and steadfast wardrobe investments.

1.Archchamps French lace dress.

French lace has been prominent all over the global runways. Fashion trends are transitory but Lace is emblematic of everlasting timelessness. It is one of the most popular fabrics for overlays, details, bridalwear, bridal showers, honeymoons and to add an exemplary flair to occasion wear. This French lace dress by Leaves of Grass is done with black silk chiffon and has an overlay of French lace motifs and a sophisticated pussy bow. It is equipped with an elasticized back waist for addition al ease and comfort. Furthermore, Leaves of Grass French lace is obtained from the same resource, that was used in the British royal wedding gown.

2-Rania silk chiffon dress.

Everybody loves silk chiffon fabric due to its figure flattering yet modest features. Silk chiffon dresses strike the right note each time they are worn. The lightweight dress, allows for movement to accentuate its every detail. It overflows with timeless perfection and commendable grace through its floral print and refine hand embroidery. Permitting a range of versatility, it can be coupled with a pair of drop earrings or statement heels. Amplified by the chic ruffled hemline, cinched waist line and embellished V-neck, this dress will propel you to instant stardom.

3-Intemporelle off white dress.

A feasible alternative to the LBD (little black dress) is the LWD (little white dress). Ever experienced the   grace of an LWD? The significance of a relevant little white dress has multi-generational ramifications and can be passed on from mother to daughter. In times of uncertainty or time constraints with regards to putting together a dazzling outfit for an event or a night out, white attire is a convenient and an inherently glamorous choice. Leaves of Grass off-white French lace dress, is further adorned by another layer of French lace motifs, to alleviate it to exquisite perfection.

4- St Sulpice black cotton drill trapeze jacket.

A black jacket is the cornerstone of every woman’s wardrobe. Leaves of Grass does theirs with an A line silhouette, that allows for layering in winter months and a medium weight cotton drill, for fall weather and functional travel wear. Meticulously handcrafted in gold, black and beige and embroidery, makes it a stellar garment for all occasions.

5-Annaliese white silk organza shirt.

Classic yet offering enthralling poise, Leaves of Grass sheer button down shirt (with slip included) is one of those infallible closet items. It can be paired with trousers or blue jeans for casual or formal attire. This dependable wardrobe staple is guaranteed to be a lifesaver when time is of the essence. Accessorize with flip-flops or heels or wear over a bathing suit for that perfect Instagram moment.

6-La Serenissima skirt.

If we talk about wardrobe essentials, certain bottom pieces are pertinent to any woman's style quotient. This women designer skirt— La Serenissima is a black coloured knee-length skirt that provides you with a more feminine and daintier alternative to jeans or pants. It is embellished with black and white exclusive hand embroidery and skirt hugs your waist with elasticized back. This staple piece can be styled in both casual and formal looks. In addition, it is also versatile enough to be paired with a range of blouses, shirts or t-shirts, making it both work-friendly and trendy. Transitions seamlessly from day to evening wear.


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