The art of hand embroidery has existed throughout history; it is perhaps the symbol of romance and spurs nostalgic thoughts because of its historical presence. It romanticizes the idea of unhurried living that resonates in today’s world. Despite its centuries-old origins, new-age artists have openly adopted the timeless craft of hand-embroidery and have accentuated its beauty by its experimental and decorative elements. These elements have a form of self-expression that elevates the beauty of hand-embroidery.

The humble craft of needle and thread is much more special than it seems. Here are the top 6 things that you should consider before adding exquisite hand-embroidery products to your collection. Let us have a look:

THREAD QUALITY: Choosing the correct embroidery thread is very important when you’re buying a hand-embroidered product. There are more than 13 types of embroidery threads, which include silk thread, rayon floss, pearl cotton, crewel yarn, etc. Be completely informed about the best quality and suitability before investing your money. Each thread has its own specification and quality. Choose the best.

FABRIC QUALITY: Fabrics used for embroidery are available in different thread counts and quality like cotton, linen, and blends. The right background fabric (or “ground”) supports and showcases the gorgeous stitching. Try out the fabric as every textile you try adds to your embroidery expertise, and pretty soon, you’ll intuitively know which fabric is the right choice.

WEAVING STYLE: There are more than fifteen weaving styles that are famous amongst skilled weavers. Ranging from backstitch to french knot, each weaving style has its own beauty and intricacy. Look out for the most beautiful pattern.

COST: Embroidery can be done through machines and hands. Hand embroidery involves major intricate work that takes numerous man-hours in preparation. If fabric quality is synthetic and embroidery is done by machine, it is not as viable as when the fabric is natural and is hand embroidered. Also, the cost of the product depends on the size, complexity, and quality of the hand-embroidery and fabric. Check it properly before buying.

PRODUCT FINISHING: Make sure the ends of the threads are properly knotted. The embroidery may need to be rinsed or soaked to remove markings. Properly check the finishing of the product.


Embroidered clothes, accessories, and home furnishings, whether done by hand or machine, feature elaborate and intricate stitches made by using thread on a base fabric which can be cotton, wool, linen, silk, or a synthetic; however wool, cotton, metallic, silk, or acrylic can be used for the thread work. Proper care must be taken to preserve the work and time that has been invested. Read the care instructions properly.

Down the centuries, needles and threads have come together to weave magic on the canvas of precious fabrics to create timeless pieces that are sparingly worn on special occasions. Leaves of Grass have brought to you the products with intricate hand embroidery, made with meticulous attention to detail, and with traditional yet contemporary embroidery in natural fabrics. Visit our website to shop for the museum quality collections today.

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