Adelaide silk chiffon maxi

Monumental beadwork and hand embroidery in meticulously hand embroidered silk chiffon floral dress, with gold and silver thread work and tonal but scintillating beading,...

Ara Maxi

Ara floral dress in graphic Silk chiffon print,chic yet subtle,perfect for the Hamptons,Palm Beach or Ischia.

Aria blue silk chiffon maxi

Bewitching azure blue silk chiffon floral dress with captivating scalloped hand embroidery,easily transitioned from day to evening.Drawstring empire waist with minimal ruffles.

Calais French lace chiffon maxi

Breathtaking statement dressing in graphic print chiffon floral dress with the French lace used in British Royal Wedding,for head turning occasion dressing.Elastic back waist...

Capucines silk chiffon maxi with hand embroidery

Pretty in pink floral hand embroidered silk chiffon maxi, for in home entertainment or summer escapades. Pair with boots and a cardigan or coat...

Carmelita silk chiffon maxi, can be ordered as a dress.

Unforgettably gorgeous black floral maxi,with undeniably  magnificent Hand embroidery on neck panel. Wear every day or be the best dressed wedding guest, at your...

Centaurus maxi

Marvelous  romantic,occasion wear silk chiffon maxi or dress in the colors of the ocean, reminiscent of glorious vacation days, embellished with hand embroidery and...

Chantilly Maxi

Regal silk chiffon Chantilly floral dress,with opulently chic hand embroidery on sleeves,hem and neck panel,for city wear or beach vacation escape-$475

Fiesole Maxi

Fiesole floral hand printed,silk chiffon maxi dress,for traffic stopping statement dressing.

Gittisham floral silk chiffon dress

Enchanting  white floral silk chiffon with blue floral hand embroidery,photographs magnificently  against  an ocean backdrop,to make  for everlasting memories,  

Hebrides silk chiffon maxi

Subtle dove grey silk chiffon floral dress,bedecked with superlative hand embroidery on neckline and on empire waistline and embellished with all over baby motifs...

Hertfordshire silk chiffon maxi

Verdant silk chiffon floral dress in enchanting green, with off white and beige hand embroidery, makes for enrapturing  statement piece dressing.

Hortensia Halter Maxi

Tie dyed ethereal  halter floral dress with lavish embroidered beading on the bodice.

Leaves of Grass, New York Alyssum maxi

Alyssum dress Hand blocked vintage print chiffon floral dress, with outstanding tonal hand embroidery panel,for impeccable statement dressing-$470.

Leaves of Grass, New York Aphrodite maxi

Aphrodite silk chiffon floral dress in rich burgundy with lavish embellished crystals,beading and pailettes on intricate hand embroidery for statement occasion wear dressing-$498.

Leaves of Grass, New York Aria silk chiffon maxi

Splendid nature inspired, lush green silk chiffon hand embroidered maxi, with our signature bohemian esthetic. drawstring empire waist line with miniature ruffles enhance the...

Leaves of Grass, New York Aylesbury Liberty print maxi (right) as seen in Vogue

Luxuriously unapologetic romantic floral dress with signature hand embroidery and tonal hand beading with flirty flutter sleeves and mermaid hem,slim fit with bias cut...

Leaves of Grass, New York Gittisham Hand embroidered silk chiffon Maxi

Life changing glamour, attributed to this deep hued navy maxi, in our exclusive signature hand embroidery for immaculate statement dressing.Ostentatious embroidery on the V-neck...

Leaves of Grass, New York Lacco Ameno silk chiffon Maxi

Mesmerizing cobalt blue floral print, with extravagant hand embroidery on the neckline.Ideal for the Greek Islands, or a picturesque stroll in Central Park.Style is...

Leaves of Grass, New York Mosaic hand printed maxi

Hand printed silk maxi with ruffled straps and ruffles on hem, multi color splendor floral print for your next traffic stopping extravaganza.

Leaves of Grass, New York Mosaic handprinted maxi

Head turning handprinted silk maxi, with the ruffled straps and a ruffled hem,to wear to your next Tea party, or simply waltz around  Fifth...

Leaves of Grass, New York Mosaic handprinted tie and dye maxi

Trendy tie-dye makes a comeback in this all-time favorite silk maxi with ruffles, empire waistline and super comfortable proportions.A photo op in this visually...

Leaves of Grass, New York Palais Royale maxi

Deep navy chiffon maxi with white exceptional sculptural hand embroidered floral motifs,side zipper and elastic on back waist.Perfect for black tie or entertaining at...

Leaves of Grass, New York Silver Needle hand embroidered maxi

Magical dream like floral tribute, in this black chiffon maxi.Square neckline, ruffle hem and flutter sleeves,create a visionary style to wear to the next...

Leaves of Grass, New York Silver Needle silk chiffon maxi

Dramatic blooms, adorn this richly endowed silk chiffon maxi, with tonal hand embroidery at the square neckline. Sleeves can be ordered longer. Celebrate the...

Leaves of Grass, New York Sphynx Maxi

Earthy tones pervade in this monochromatic silk chiffon dress. Immaculate hand embroidery enhances the neckline panel and straight cut maxi. Belt optional and no...

Leaves of Grass, New York Udolfo maxi

Subtly luxurious silk maxi with floral hand embroidered motifs on neckline,sleeves and hemline.Walk into any scenario with supreme confidence.

Leaves of Grass, NewYork Ophelia chiffon maxi

Dreamy silk chiffon, hand embroidered maxi,for all festive or home bound events.V-neck and elastic back waist add to the sartorial perfection of this immaculate...

Luberon Italian chiffon maxi-can be ordered as a dress.

Ethereal Italian chiffon maxi with glorious hand embroidery, at the neckline,elastic waist in the  back for ease,Wear with aplomb from day to evening.

Manarola silk chiffon maxi

Inspired by the scented gardens of Portofino and Castello Brown,neutral toned silk chiffon floral dress with intricate hand embroidery, that translates flawlessly from day...

Mignonette silk chiffon maxi

Captivating dove grey silk chiffon floral dress,with black and white visually opulent floral splendor,for picture perfect occasion wear.

Montenapoleone silk chiffon maxi with French lace

Spellbinding black and white silk chiffon print floral dress, with unapologetic lavish hand embroidery, in white and metallic silver thread,for that "belle of the...

Petit champs silk chiffon maxi

Captivating gold,beige,white and silver hand embroidery on printed silk chiffon.Free flowing floral dress with no restrictions at bust or waistline,but may be cinched at...

Tova silk chiffon maxi with French lace

Breathtakingly magnificent blue and white silk chiffon floral maxi, for splendid summer days, adorned with exquisite French lace and exquisitely crafted hand embroidery for...

Waltz Maxi $450

Black silk georgette floral dress, hook frontal closure and fabulous embroidery detailing for urban yet ultra feminine style,for black tie and cocktail hour.

Winter palace Italian silk chiffon maxi

Exotic leopard print Italian silk chiffon maxi, with a cinched waistline for a form flattering silhouette. Filigree hand embroidery and a drawstring neckline, allow...

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